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Welcome to Myth and our forums. :shock:

The focus of Myth will be to have FUN while completing PvE content and engaging in PvP battles.

We are striving to be a small guild available only to players whose main character is level 50. Alternate characters will be welcome to join the guild of course.

While our "main" focus will be on Operations and PvE content we will also value PvP activities and players.

The main leadership of the guild will consist of myself(Vampuir) and Aleesi as Co-GMs of the guild. At the start we will not be having officer positions and everyone will be essentially the same rank and standing. Once the guild grows beyond 16 members we will give those willing and worthy the positions of "War Council" which will be our Head Officers and the "Royal Guard" which will be regular Officers of the guild. All founding members(those who agreed to join before the guild was created) will be given the rank of "Blood Legion" this rank signifies that you are a founding and distinguished member/raider. In the future those members who are regular raiders will be given the rank of "Dark Legion" to signify their raider status, Note that as Blood Legion you are at/above Dark Legion so your rank will not change unless given officer status. For alternate characters that are not officers they will be assigned the rank of "Imperial/Sith Trainee" All lower ranks below the ones stated will be adjusted soon and additional information provided for future members.

For Operations and loot distribution we will follow a merit/need basis for Hard/Nightmare Modes. For example if two players named Bill and Ted are both the same class and are in the same raid when a piece of tier3/loot that can be ML drops and both need the piece lets say they both have tier2 legs and the item is tier3 legs then say Bill wasn't able to make as many raids previously and Ted had showed up to everyone he said he would then Ted would have more "merit" than Bill. This does not mean that if it's your first raid you will not get loot or anything like that. Also if Ted was awarded the tier3 legs and later in the same raid the tier3 gloves drop for both Bill and Ted's class and both have tier2 then Bill would be awarded the gloves. If you have any questions about the looting system please ask me. With the guild being small I do not think acquiring loot will be an issue.

More information/details will be posted in the future.

Keep the Myth alive!
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